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Our partnering approach

From pre-clinical research collaborations through to late-stage development and global commercialisation deals, our partnering strategy focuses on innovative scientific capabilities and value-enhancing business development opportunities across our main therapy areas.

Our deals are structured to drive scientific progress from the bench to the bedside and we aim to create partnerships founded on trust and transparency that achieve mutually agreed goals.

Our integrated approach combines our scientific and commercial expertise with our significant business development know-how and experience. We are also interested in leveraging our development and commercial capabilities in targeted growth markets.

Why Partner with DU Laboratories Limited?

By combining our expertise in drug discovery and development with the best external scientific capabilities and technologies, we stimulate innovation across the entire drug life-cycle.

Stakeholder insights

Our dedicated teams ensure physician and payer considerations are embedded in our R&D decision-making from an early stage by providing informed, evidence-based perspectives on clinical and economic impact. We design studies that allow the impact and value of our molecules to be evaluated in clinical and real world settings.

Alliance and integration management

We are committed to creating strong, long-term partnerships that will speed the delivery of innovative new medicines to the people that need them. Experience tells us that when partnerships aren’t actively managed, the potential value to both partners is jeopardised.

Our Alliance and Integration Management team is engaged throughout the deal process, starting as early as due diligence and contract negotiations. Gaining an early understanding of the strategic, operational and cultural fit between DU Laboratories Limited and our partners enables us to structure the partnership governance and staff the partnership to be most effective right from the start.
Based on our extensive work in a wide range of complex business and scientific collaborations, we have developed industry leading processes and tools that ensure a smooth acquisition integration or a successful alliance execution. We also actively monitor and regularly assess the performance of our partnerships, embedding the learnings in new ventures.
We believe that the most successful relationships are built on trust and transparency, and we are committed to forging strong relationships with our partners at all levels of the enterprise.

Local needs

By combining our therapy area expertise with a deep global knowledge of customers, regulators and payers, and the local knowledge and expertise of our collaboration partners, we can develop, register and commercialise medicines that best meet local patient needs.

Externally Sponsored Scientific Research

DU Laboratories Limited recognise the important role that Externally Sponsored Scientific Research can play in expanding the knowledge related to a company product and/or its associated disease area(s). This research can advance science and contribute to the development of better medicines for patients consistent with the company’s overall research and global development strategies. That is why we welcome Clinical and non-Clinical ESR submissions.

Open for Collaboration

We are taking an innovative approach to partnering. By creating a more open and permeable research environment, scientists are free to share their ideas, experiences and know-how. Our new open innovation platform helps us identify and establish mutually beneficial collaborations with researchers around the world.